The South Florida Weather.

The South Florida Weather as you probably know is humid tropical in nature. In the areas of the Florida Keys and all over the state of Florida is warm most the time. We have sunny days and crowded beaches all year.

We are in the tropics and the days are hot, with plenty of sun, blue sky…and this is…tropical weather.

The average temperature in South Florida during the summer is 80 F or (27 C)…Yes it get hot down here! Is beach time all over Southern Florida. It also rains a lot during the summer month.

The average temperatures during the winter months of November, December, January and February are 65 F (18 C) to 75 F (23 C). (But normally are 70 F to 75 F). Is this really winter?

As you can see the winter temperatures are moderate, but in some days you might need a light jacket. It’s common to have one or two days of colder temperatures and then back to 70 F or 75 F degrees. These are also the dry season months, when it does not rain in Southern Florida.

Bright and sunny days in Key West.

The average warmest month is August, and January is the coolest. The highest average rainfall is in September. And the highest temperature ever recorded was 100 degrees.

About the rainy season.

The rainy season in South Florida begins with the summer season, which begins around June and it should be ending around October.August and September are the months with more rain.It’s normal to have rain every day, for the greatest part in the afternoons during August and September becoming more scarce at the end of September.

Sometimes the rains are accompanied of thunderstorms and winds.

Tips for driving with bad weather and heavy rain:Make sure your head lights and windshields are on. Check them before getting on the road.Increase the fallowing distance and slow down a bit. It takes longer to stop during rain and the road could be slippery when wet. Reason why the breaks should not be pressed to hard if you need to slow down… Slow down gradually.

  • Avoid distractions..! Keep eyes on the road and hands on the wheel!

The Florida weather has the characteristics of the tropics and sub tropics, where hurricanes come and go as fast as they can, sometimes causing trouble, but this is only during the hurricane season, August, September or October…and there has not been any major hurricane here since Hurricane Andrew in 1992 or the Labor Day Hurricane of 1935.

The rest of the year we have the freedom of waking on the beaches.

We have some great weather forecasters here, for all to be aware of mother nature’s next steps! We see them in the evening news on TV all the time informing us of what is to come ahead.

It’s normal to have temperatures of 70’s or 80’s during the month of December. I was on the beach for Christmas and boat sailing two weeks later…No wander they call Florida the Sunshine State!

Florida has been blessed with this characteristics, these are the reason for having so many beautiful tourists on our beaches at all times.

You see people that come here every year during the winter months to sun bathe on our beaches……

From all over the world we got friends, and we are proud of it!

They love the South Florida Weather as much as we do!