Parking in Key West

Parking in Key West


Parking in Key West is not a big deal if you know where to find it. Finding free parking or places where to leave your vehicle in the major areas of Florida Keys is not a problem at all, and neither should be a cause of greater concern or a head ache.

Unlike in the big major cities, the Florida Keys are not a traffic overloaded metropolis, and besides, parking here is free of charge “almost everywhere”, except for the National Parks entry fees, and in the populated and touristic areas of Key West. The Key West parking picture is a bit different, parking is more strict and limited.

But if you have finally decided to take the enjoyable ride over the Scenic Overseas Highway to this tropics paradise pay attention because I will tell in this chapter where you can go to find parking in Key West!

Key West has some important points of interest that every visitor wants to check in the list amount of time, you might want to visit as many as possible while you are here so why to waste time lurking around for a parking space.

The Southernmost Point

Parking in Key West at the more celebrated landmark of all times! At the Southernmost Point of the continental US.

The Southernmost Point of the US “90 miles from Cuba” is the famous landmark that you don’t want to miss, don’t go back home without a photo standing next to it on a sunny day, because no one will believe that you were here!

 The two places where you can find free parking near the Southernmost Point (and the best time is in the early morning, later it would be more difficult to park, and besides there would be a long line of tourist posing next to the Point) are at the south side of Whitehead Street (near the light house and the Ernest Hemingway House) and in the south side of Simonton Street; from here just take a short walk to the Southernmost Point or any of the nearby places.

Once you have taken your picture next to this famous buoy-stone-monument that marks the end of the US solid territory you might decide to walk to the near Southernmost places, Southern…Hotel, Southern…Beach, Southern…this and that.

 From here depending on your available time and agenda you might decide where to go, but basically everywhere you go in Key West is worth your time.

The Southside Beaches

Smathers Beach, on Roosevelt Boulevard

Let’s say that you like to visit the nearby beaches on the south side of the island, South Beach and the Southern Most Cafe (same location and at only one block walking distance from the Southern Point on Duval Street; Higgs Beach or Smathers Beach (are a little farther away but with plenty of parking-some are paid parking so have packet change and smaller paper bills to pay with)

On Duval Street

The most popular street in Key West…if not in the World!…is Duval St.

Parking in Key West’s hottest spot.You could walk from where you parked on Whitehead or Simonton Streets to Duval (both run parallel to Duval) Duval has only one side of the street where you can free park and it’s a busy place so trying to park could be difficult and sometimes impossible so I would recumbent to park on nearby streets where you’ll find the pay parking meters or machines that are being implanted all over South Florida (these are time limited so fallow the instructions and come back to repay after the time expires or you could be paying a penalty (parking ticket) *in some you can pay with credit card.

Metered parking devices like this one are being used all over South Florida.

Caution: Do not park on designated residential parking zones ( there will be marks on the pavement indicating that is a residential parking zone, but some might be faded with the rain and not easy to read) and neither park on the sidewalks. *If you park in one of this no-no parking zones your car will be impounded and you will have to pay cash “big cash” to get it back because they don’t take checks or credit cards.

A Key West residential area.
Parking in Key West residential areas, only residents with city permit.

Parking at Mallory Square, Old Seaport, Bight, and north side of Duval St.

Parking at the Mallory Square, the Historic Seaport, Duval and the other streets in the north side of the island.

 Parking here is mostly paid parking, look for the metered curb side parking meters or much better is the all 24 hrs. a day parking lots at the Port, Mallory Square and Duval.

 The city owned parking lots in the Old Town, Historic Seaport, Mallory Square, and Key West Bight, 24 hr. all day parking.

The Art and History Museum, near Mallory Square.

*Mallory Square Parking Lot.

Located on the interception of Front and Wall Streets.

This is the best place to park near the attractions of the Mallory Square and the cruise ship dock, open from 8am – midnight.

At a rate of $ 32 day or $4 per hour.

*Key West Bight and Old Historic Seaport Parking Lot.

Corner of Margaret and Caroline Streets.

(305) 809-3864. $16 maximum payment for 24 hrs. parking or pay by the hour if you are just visiting the area for a shorter time.

Walk all day around the attractions of the Old Historic Seaport or take a sunset sail cruise from this location.

*Old Town Parking Lot. (24 hr. access)

Corner of Grinnell and Caroline Streets right across from the Key West Bight (Tampa-Key West) Ferry Terminal and the Old Historic Seaport.

 $13 maximum fee for 24 hrs. and $2 an hour, open day or night.

From the $13 fee at the Old Town Parking Garage you can Park N Ride the shuttles to the downtown area, Old Town, Mallory Square, and the Southernmost Point and take a tour around Key West, only present your parking ticket to the bus driver.

For assistance with payment call (305) 809-3910.

*The parking fees and rates above mentioned are subject to be change during special event like the Fantasy Fest in October.

During the festival the best option is to get here early in the morning and park in the city lots mentioned above, Old Town Lot on Grinnell or the Bright Parking Lot: the Mallory Square lot is smaller and fills up to faster.

 *This parking information applies only to cars, vans, motorcycles and passenger trucks only, not for RV, buses and trailers.

 *City of Key West. (For more detailed information)

3132 Flagler Ave. Key West, Fl. (305) 809-3700

Mac’s final resting place at the Old Sea Port, in Key West
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