Map of South Florida

Map of South Florida


Road map of South Florida.

This map of South Florida will help you understand the best way to get to our must wanted destinations…Miami, South Beach, Homestead,  Everglades, Bill Bags State Park, Biscayne Bay, other National Parks, preserves, campgrounds, the Florida Keys and Key West..

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If you don’t know this area it could be a little complicated.

South Florida is a large territory, being the city of Miami the most populated area. South of Miami we have the fabulous Florida Keys, always being visited by people from around the world.

The Miami’s International Airport receives millions of passengers every year, many from other countries just coming over to enjoy our tropical weather, beaches, activities and touristic attractions. From this important airport visitors commute to the other locations in the Sunshine State, for a great vacation and holidays.

Other important cities of Florida are Orlando, Tampa and Fort Lauderdale.

On the map of South Florida you can see that the major roads or highways are the Florida’s Turnpike, the Interstates Highways I-95, I-75, I-595, US 1 and a few others.

Using this map while driving in South Florida, especially in the Miami and Dade County areas will be of great help to you.

Tell you about South Florida.

South Florida sure has a lot of important places and tourists hot spots.Beaches everywhere, excellent clubs and restaurants, the Everglades and other National Parks, art museums, big sports events, the mysterious Coral Castle, alligators farms, botanic gardens, famous people, seaquariums, Indian reservations with casinos, Disney World is not too far, lots of pretty women and finally the Florida Keys and Key West.
What else can we ask for?The South Florida weather is nice, too hot for some but not like that sticky heat of other tropical countries.It rains a lot during the month of May and June, and the hurricane season always brings a couple of windy storms every year but it’s a nice place to be.
We could talk about South Florida for a long time, but the important thing now is that you will be able to find you final destination and have a great time with us!

South Florida is this sun filled hot terrain with palm trees and big dreams!

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