Key Largo Map

Key Largo Map

Key Largo Map

The Map of Key Largo

Use the here embedded map of Key Largo to find your way around here. Fallow the same driving rules used in every other city of the continental USA… and be safe! The speed limit is very important when driving on US 1, and it’s enforced by the law. Once you get to US 1 past Florida City (south of the Florida Turn Pike) the speed limit is on 50’s, and the highway patrol is at it.

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This map shows where all of these major tourist attractions are located.

Key Largo is only two hours away from the main land, from the point at the end of the Florida Turnpike and beginning of US 1,  Florida City. The other way to get to the north or Upper Key Largo area is through the Card Sound Road and Bridge when driving from the main land, Florida City. The Upper Key Largo areas have Botanical State Parks, National Wild Life Refuges, Marinas, the John Pennekamp State Park and the Underwater Marine Sanctuary. 

It’s the first of the the Florida Keys when driving south on US1. It extends from Mile Marker 107 to Mile Marker 90 on the Highway.The big Welcome to Key Largo and the Florida Keys sign will let you know of your arrival here. US 1 is the main drive that communicates to all of the areas of the Florida Keys.

What to do in Key Largo?

Kayaking, canoeing, scuba diving, many forms of fishing,recreational boating, para sailing and eco tours are some of the most common activities of the Florida Keys.

When you are here look to be outside a tune with Mother Nature, possibly bird watching, hiking on nature trails, looking at the wild life, manatees, dolphins, etc.

This town has some of the best hotels and resorts on the Florida Keys these days. And the friendly staff wants to make sure that you will want to come back to have a great time here!

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