Dolphin Encounters

Dolphin Encounters

Dolphin Encounters

Dolphin Encounters in the Florida Keys?…You Bet!  

Some very close Dolphin Encounters of the amicable kind could occur if you visit the places that I will show you below. But first let’s pay a short tribute to these lovely and friendly creatures of the seas that often visit us and come near our shores.

Dolphins are marine mammals that are closely related to porpoises and whales and of the many species of dolphins that we know exist (close to 40 species) the common bottlenose dolphins are the ones that we see more on these tropical waters.Dolphins are highly intelligent; they are warm, friendly and affectionate, truly a human’s good friend…So where am’ I going with this chat?

Dolphin encounters in the Florida Keys..But where?

I wrote this page to let you know that there are some places in the Florida Keys where the dolphins are the stars of the shows, and other places where they will swim with you, and share some memorable times, these are trained, intelligent dolphins that put up a great show and some are even much better performers than humans.

A common dolphin behavior, is flipping over the water.

If you are a boater or a diver you can expect to have an occasional dolphin visitation or close encounter…But don’t be scare it’s not a shark, dolphins swim in a different pattern, in an up and down circular undulating motion and occasionally flipping off the water, and the shark swim straight and steadily forward, so if you ever come close to one of them you’ll see the dorsal fin out of the water first, you’ll know what it is by its swimming motion.

Swimming with dolphins in the Keys!

These are some of places in the Florida Keys where I know that you can have an out of this world dolphin encounter. The fallowing echo-tours and locations will take you out to dolphin’s territory and have you very close to their natural environment in no time.

Swimming with dolphins at Dolphin Cove.

*At the Dolphin Cove in Key Largo you’ll swim and play games in the water with the dolphins. Before you get in the natural lagoon or cove to swim with your new dolphins friends Elvis, Alfonso, Kimbit or any of the 8 dolphins, you are given about an hour of marine educational session on the dolphins life and behavior and… you’ll be as close to be a dolphin’s expert in no time! The Dolphin Cove is located at the Mile Marker 101.9 on the Bay Side, Overseas Highway, in Key Largo. Phone number: 1 877-365-2683.

The Dolphin Research Center of Grassy Key in Marathon.

*The Dolphin Research Center in Marathon is another great dolphinarium to swim with the dolphins and learn about these marine mammals. This place is more than just experiencing a close dolphin encounter of the best kind, they also have, California sea lions, tropical birds, free roaming iguanas and a fantastic water park for the children. Located at 58901 Overseas Highway, in Grassy Key, Marathon, Florida Keys. Phone Number: 305-289-1121.

The dolphins and their trainer performing the show at the Theater of the Sea. 

*The Theater of the Sea in Islamorada, has a very impressive dolphin show that is worth your time to check, especially children love this kind of interaction between humans and the marine mammals, since the dolphins are trained to execute fun stuff and tricks, there are other marine animals like the sea lions, sharks, sting rays, also parrots and other birds, free roaming iguanas and the beautiful green lizards of the Keys. We can swim with the dolphins and watch the shows.The Theater of the Sea is located at 84721 Overseas Highway, Islamorada, Florida keys. Phone Number: 305-664-2431.

There are possible dolphin encounters during diving or snorkeling in different areas of the reefs or the open waters surrounding the Florida keys

*Dolphin Safari in Key West, is simply one amazing experience for children and adults alike, the dolphins swim very close to the boats, you can almost touch them, their team is passionate about the dolphins, is also snorkeling and sunset watching with this trips. Their phone number is 305-797-5491. 2319 Roosevelt Blvd, in Key West

*Sunset Watersports also in Key West have dolphin trips along with all the other watersports. Their number is 305-296-2554 and their location: 201 William Street, in Key West.

*Fury Water Adventures is another tour and watersports co. in Key West that I know has some great dolphin watching as well as snorkeling trips, sunset cruises, and lots of other fun stuff. Their number is: 305-294-8899 and their location: 237 Front Street, Old Seaport, in Key West

Dolphin up close.

These are some of the best that  I known-up close and personal dolphin encounters that you can try while in the Florida Keys. I have been there my self so I know that they’re optimum experiences for every one!

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