‘The Attractions of the Florida Keys.

If you were to ask me…Which is your favorite Florida Keys attraction? I would probably respond….The entire Florida Keys!

We would have to come up with a long list of things, activities, places, water sports, locations, stories and the other various characteristics of this portion of South Florida.

Another reason for this very personal opinion is that for the time that I have been here, I haven’t seen anything that hasn’t caught my attention. It’s an extensive interest that leads me to want to know more.The Florida Keys is a very blessed place for having so many attractions for the tourists and the locals alike!From the moment that you set foot on this part of the world your senses start to perceive the beauty of these islands. Yes…there are some attractions and destinations that are very interesting for the visitors.

This part of Florida has been a major tourist destination for many years now, and it’s just getting more popular among tourists from around the world.

The Great Florida Coral Reef Barrier is here!

Due to the care of the local government and regional institutions in charge of protecting the coral reefs from extinction, this underwater attraction is well preserved.

We are in the only place in North America to have large coral reefs formations on its coasts lines.Marine life is the livelihood of these tropical islands; the well preserved corals are the feeding grounds of all species of tropical fish.Diving and fishing in this location are two major incentives for this reason.

Try scuba diving or snorkeling in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary!

But what are those other attractions?

We all know about the ocean side views along the Scenic Highway (also known as US-1 or the Florida Keys Highway.)This highway joints together all of the Florida Keys main areas and is the only route that you can take to travel here by road.The other ways to get here are by sea or air, also giving us remarkable views of the coasts and outlines of these islands.About the Florida Keys Scenic Highway.

The magnificent sunrises and sunsets are breath taking…! So if you are a photography enthusiast as I am, here is a lot of living color for your camera lens to grab.

The palm trees are closely associated with the tropical latitudes, the islands and the warm climate. Here in South Florida the palm trees are scattered around just about everywhere over the landscape.

This latitude is the home of a wide variety of these trees; from the Royal Palm so common of the Caribbean Islands to the smaller low growing King Sago and the Coconut Palm.

Like to know more about these trees? Check with our good friends who share the passion for palm trees.

Scenarios like these are not common to be encountered just about anywhere!

What people do in this part of the world?

The water activities that many people practice here are various. You could be boating, diving in the crystal waters of this area, kayaking along the shore line, sport fishing, or if you prefer just relaxing on the beach, and we have a few beaches here.

Most activities have to do with the aquatic eco system of this group of islands.The water sports are probably the most common activities.But none the less, many others things remain on the list of “things to do”

The Art & the Art Galleries.

Among the Florida Keys attractions are the art galleries (local art has been evolving into a typical art style) were you can appreciate the paintings, sculptures and other artistic forms, created by the local artists.

For some time “local art forms” has been evolving around The Florida Keys.Created by a hard working group of well inspired local artists whose interest it’s centered on the beauty this region. All having to do with the life and ambiance of this part of the world.

Places of interest.

The Historic sites, museums, resorts and spas, good restaurants and bars are visited by thousands of visitors every year.

Resuming our journey through the Florida Keys attractions and destinations I have to say that there are many other good things at the Florida Keys that I might have had not mentioned here but that you will discover soon…So stay in touch!

What’s Your Favorite Florida Keys Attraction?

So many places worldwide don’t have the multitude of attractions that the Florida Keys have. Some other places of this world are spectacular and do rival some of the Florida Keys best attractions, but these islands have their own unique flavor and taste. So tell us! Enter the title of Your Review (ex, Review of “the Bahia Honda State Park and Beaches”) and send it to admin@florida-keys-experience.com we’ l publish your review on a separated page linked to this one.