There is more about the Florida Keys than just being a group of tropical isolated islands surrounded by turquoise water!

The magnificent sunshine and warm climate lasts for the entire year. Rains sometimes wash the lands and perhaps a tropical storm might pass close by, but never the less no other place has the charm of the Florida Keys!

Best of all…the Caribbean flavor mix with the American culture gives us the sensation of being in a different world…Yes! Perhaps in a different space and time?

But there is more about the Florida Keys!

Here is a laid back and unique life style, very unique. This makes it a truly perfect vacationing spot!  And besides, its romantic scenarios are the special setting for a wedding and a honeymoon!  

There is plenty of history here too; many events had taken place in this stretch of islands, since the times that they were inhabited by the native tribes until the present time.

Historic sites are all scattered around these islands as a reminder of the evolution that took place here.Visitors will very quick get familiar with the history of this region.I find the history of the Florida Keys to be a very interesting subject even when history is not my field of authority.

We can see what other generations had left behind, and know how all this came to be what it’s now!

Let’s talk about the Florida Keys geography and other things!

The Keys of Florida are classified into the upper, middle and lower keys. Of these three major groups of islands, basically there are five areas that are more prominent and well known.

So now let’s embark on an imaginary journey down south of the Florida peninsula and continue chatting about the Florida Keys major characteristics.

When you travel south from the big city of Miami into the Keys, the first must important of these areas is Key Largo.

Key Largo…It’s considered by many as the diving capital of the world!

Key Largo is well known by the amazing parks and underwater marine sanctuaries.For those craving for something different and exiting, scuba diving and snorkelingare a challenge and a desirable choice!So if you made it to Key Largo don’t leave without seeing this underwater universe!

Key Largo is the home of the famous John Pennekamp Coral Reef and State Park (the only one living coral reef in North America) where the best scuba diving and snorkeling takes place.

Islamorada…Getting to the Sport Fishing Capital of the World!

South of Key Largo you will find Tavernier, then Plantation Key and finally Islamorada. This group of islands had well earned the reputation of being the Sport Fishing Capital of the World. Tarpon, snook, redfish, bonefish and other species of tropical fish are everywhere in these waters.

Go into any of the marinas of Islamorada and meet with some of the best fishing boat captains in the world, they know these waters very well.Fishing at its best in Islamorada becomes real!And best of all…don’t worry if you don’t have fishing experience.

These experienced fishing boat captains will show you the ropes and train you the best…when it comes to fishing.

You can party and be fishing at the same time on a charter boat along with family and friends and let’s also mention the world class sport fishing tournaments that take place here, on this chat about the Florida Keys.

Marathon…What’s at the heart of The Florida Keys?

Farther south you’ll find a group of areas and islands, the Upper and Lower Matecumbe Keys, Fiesta Key, Long Key, Conch Key, Duck Key, Grassy Key, Long Point Key, and then Marathon Keyat the very center of The Florida Keys!

Marathon is a nice residential and family oriented community. With two beaches, Coco Plum and Sombrero Beach.This is where the historical Pigeon Key and the Seven Miles Bridge are.The Eco-system attractions of Crane Point and the Museum and Nature Center, offers historical information and exhibits about the Florida Keys in general.

Marathon Key is a good place for children and families to visit, the places mentioned above offer visitors with and educational display of the local wild life, nature trails, and more…a great place for the intellectual minds and the curious.

Big Pine Key…The home of the famous Key Deer!

As you leave the Marathon Key area through the Seven Mile Bridge, you’ll see possibly the best scenarios of the Overseas Highway.

There to your right, that little tiny island at the end of the old seven miles bridge with old fashion cottages is Pigeon Key. Next you’ll pass over Little Duck Key, Missouri Key, Sunshine Key, Bahia Honda Key (where the beach is), Spanish Harbor Key and now Big Pine Key.

This quiet and secluded area is the home of this diminutive breed of deer that is only found in The Florida Keys.Drive Careful here since the deer is prone to jump across the roads without warning!Speed limits are enforced throughout these areas.

The National Key Deer Refuge, this 9,200 acres of land is the refuge and home of thekey deer and other wild life. It’s a vast area with mangrove forests, tropical vegetation and freshwater wetlands.

This is also where the Bahia Honda State Park with its popular beach is located; a great place for camping and beach time. You will also find best family restaurants with homemade cooking and the friendliest people in the world.
This is a wonderful please to get away from the city stress and revitalize the spirit!

Key West…At the end of this coral archipelago and the southernmost point of North America!

Key West is fun! Yes.. Key West has the festive atmosphere that we encounter in some Caribbean islands and only a few other cities. The city awakens after the sun sets in the Gulf of Mexico. The famous Mallory Dock sunset celebration is for real, people gather here to witness this miracle of Mother Nature.

You have the restaurants, eateries and bars, museums, streets entertainers… jugglers, mimes and artists.
Golfing, bicycling, water sports and other daily activities are also common.If you are looking for a party then you’ll have to come to Key West, this is where the sun and the smiles are always shinning!Lets take tour of Key West.

Key West has this unique island style architecture, harbors and marinas, historic places, light houses and museums.

Jimmy Buffet, Ernest Hemingway, Thomas Edison, Harry Truman, Tennessee Williams and other famous people had visited Key West and now… You!

“The best thing about the Florida Keys is the charming ambiance of this region of the tropics.” 

The Southernmost Point on the Continental USA is here… 90 miles south is Cuba.And I hope that you are as eager as I am on discovering more about the Florida Keys !

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