‘Have You Experience the Florida Keys Charm?

The Florida Keys have the quality of being admired, accepted, and favored as a travel destination for the long or the short term, because of its distinguished and special attributes.

But what makes these coral islands to have such an acceptance and popularity? Simply because this is where the sun shines every day of the year?..Or for other countless number of reasons?

Both, I would say!.. Being here just now gives me an insight on the matter here discussed, and I would share it with you from now on.

The Florida Keys are in a geographic area adjacent to the tropics, with a warm, and all year round subtropical weather.

So while the snow is falling over the roof tops of the northern states, the sun is warming the waters of the Straits of Florida.It’s a fact that is a perfect and not so far away vacation destination in North America… Getting here is easy..! Easy!.. Accessible by air, land or sea!These islands were blessed with spectacular weather and a relaxing and festive atmosphere that kept us coming back so many times… over the years.

It’s great to breathe the clean air, feel the sun and warm breeze plus to experience the attraction of this extraordinary region of the world!

During the year, including the winter months, we have sunshine, and only when it rains the clouds would cover the sun..But only for some time.. and at the end, we always end, under the ..SUN!

To define the climate in the areas over the Florida Keys and the state of Florida it’s just..very simple!We are in the subtropics and the days are warm, with plenty of sun, blue sky..and this is the best of all but not the only reason!Being positioned at this latitude, we have the best variety of fish, fauna and vegetation you can think of.Palms, mangroves, tropical plants and coconut trees are a big part of the landscape.The sea birds are everywhere against the clear blue, turquoise ocean’s sky.

Nature has been for me, for as long as I remember, a source of solace, inspiration, adventure, and delight; a home, a teacher, a companion.

Lorraine Anderson.

But what exactly are the Florida Keys?

These group of islands located in the south east of the U.S, have a mix of the Caribbean and American culture.

The Keys (as we locals prefer to say) are a coral archipelago that begins 15 miles south of the city of Miami.

Over the years the coral turned into limestone rock  that formed the base for this part of the Florida State. These islands formations extends for over 100 square miles to the southwest, all the way to Key West, the most populated of the islands,  the southernmost area of the continental U.S and a major tourists attraction.

Photographic slide show of the Florida Keys, by FloridaKeysXperienceImage-Youtube.

Years ago these were a bunch of isolated islands inhabited by a few adventurous people looking for the sunken treasures of wrecked ships along the coral reefs, but now after years of transformation this region is a famous traveler destination.

Being here had been rated as one of a kind experience by many whom after discovering this charming territory…had fallen in love with it.

It’s a great travel destination for vacations, adventures, romantic escapades, fishing competitions, wild life viewing and studying of the habitat of tropical plants and fauna, or just for plain and simple recreation.

Would you like to know what’s here?

Almost everything has a lot to do with the ocean. Here is where the Atlantic, the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico are joined together by the Straits of Florida. If you like fish or fishing then you are at the right place! According to the International Fishing Association more salt water sport fishing records had been established here than in any other part of the world.

The food is excellent; fish and sea food are the main dishes of the restaurant menus, prepared by the local chefs…a la carte.You should try the very original food recipes for fried calamari, oysters,mahi mahi, red snapper, ahi tuna, and lemon shrimp!Eating and drinking with family and friends at these restaurants is a bliss!

We love the wine and the food festivals plus other similar events!

These are some of the most popular food and wine events that we celebrate every year…

  • The 10 Day Winter Time Uncorked, Food and Wine Festival, of Key Largo and Islamorada, on January.
  • Stone Crab and Seafood Festival, a 2 day festival in Key Largo, on January.
  • Lionfish Food and Wine Night, at the Fish House Encore, in Key Largo, on April.
  • Marathon Seafood Festival, at the Marathon Community Park, in Marathon Key, on March.
  • Taste of Islamorada Festival, organized by the Islamorada Chamber of Commerce every year in Islamorada, on May.
  • Key West Food and Wine Festival, on January.
  • Annual Key West Bacchanalia, on June
  • Key West Lobster Fest, on August.
  • Master Chefs Classic, on January.
  • Conch, Wine and Art in the Garden, at the Key Largo Conch House.
  • Key Largo Chamber of Commerce Cook Off.
  • Annual Florida Keys Seafood Festival, fresh Florida Keys local seafood in Key West, on January.

…and some of the Florida Keys food and dishes than you’ll find at the restaurants and festivals and that will make your mouth water.

Fried Fish, Key West Shrimp, Conch Chowder, Conch Salad, Conch Fritters, Grill Lobster, Lobster Bisque, Smoke Fish Dip, Stone Crab Claws, Fried Clam Strips, Key West Chicken, Key West Penne, Sea Bass Cuban Style, all this accompanied by the famous Rum Runner’s Drink and the Authentic Florida Keys Lime Pie.

So, what is here for the explorer and adventurous?

  • world class sport fishing.
  • excellent diving sites and coral reefs.
  • a long tradition on boating.
  • other activities like, kayaking and hiking.
  • sightseeing the beautiful scenarios.
  • music and festivals.
  • some sunny beaches.
  • this wonderful tropical weather.
  • and lots of other tourist attractions. 

A getaway from the big city stress!

The cool thing about the cities of the Florida Keys is the relaxing and festive ambiance always present here.

An aura of interest and amusement is present, and surrounds the visitor, whom normally gets absorbed by this holiday atmosphere.

So if what you need is rest and relaxation, you’ll find it here. The Florida Keys are a good place to relief the stress of the big city life.

                                   The Sunrises & the Sunsets.

The sun appears to rise over the horizon, but it is in fact the earth movement that causes this illusion, not the sun.The sun rises in the east and sets in the west, every single day, for eternity…and so does the moon the stars and the planets, they rise from the east and set to the west.So when you look through your window in the mornings towards the eastern horizon you’ll face the sun’s splendour for the new day.Then the sun will fallow you throughout the entire day, every where you go, just until the evening when the magnificent sunset will let you know that is time for the moon to take over the brilliance of this part of the world!

In the quiet and isolated areas of these breeze tropical islands you’ll find peace. 
These are pathways to nature, as well as playgrounds of entertainment.

Getting into this peaceful backyard loosens our spirit!

This region of South Florida receives hundreds of thousands of tourists every year!And most of these visitors participate very actively on the activities, festivals and the life style of the Keys, and some are here just for the pleasure of sightseeing and staying at the hotels and resorts.

So the good question is…Why do we love the Florida Keys?

The reasons are many...

  • the experiences that we had over these year’s had been positive and rewarding.
  • we thank the friendly locals, for making us feel at home any time that we set foot here.
  • the incomparable and unique beautiful scenes at sunrises and sunset’s.
  • the many activities that take place here…we love the rush of the experience!
  • the tranquility and serenity of a natural environment…leave the big city behind!
  • the festivities, the art, the intellectual nutriment and the life style.
  • and perhaps is the feeling of adventure that we experience while exploring this part of the tropics.

I have been exploring this wonderful attraction for years now, and the truth is that after being in this journey for so long this territory is like my own back yard.

The different settings and scenarios of the Florida Keys.

I have my own Florida Keys Experience to share with you!
This website was inspired by the mix of all this factors and the experience of real people, like You and I.Peace & Love!