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Windsurfing in South Florida and the Keys.

Windsurfing was first known as boardsailing and sailboarding. Surfing and sailing were combined to form this new dynamic water sport in the 1960"s. The creation of an American water sports fan and practitioner named Newman Darby who invented the sailboards.

The sailboards of those times where very primitive compared to the ones we use today, since then until recently they had gone through major changes and improvements on design and usage, to form what many consider one of the most dynamic, exiting and extreme water sport in the world.

It's not a difficult watersport to learn but it takes some time and practice to be loose and skillful on the board, mainly you can learn the basics in a two hour practice session time and improve as you gain more ability.

Did you know that windsurfers were capable of doing things that no one had been able to do before? As to ride the largest waves in the Pacific Ocean, in the Hawaiian Islands (the surf named "Jaws")  and that some of these waves can reach up to 100" on high and 30 miles an hour speeds.

Windsurfing in the azur tropical waters.

Windsurfing, as a competitive watersport.

It was later recognized as an Olympic sport during the 1980's because of the great popularity and global acceptance, since competition came to be an important aspect of the sport.

Here in South Florida on a windy day (and we have some good windy days and sunny days, 3 to 4 days a week, during the month of September to May) we have a great time at the beaches of Miami, Key Biscayne and the Florida Keys. Some like to ride when the stormy weather approaches, but this later practice is not advisable unless you're very skillful and know what you're doing...and be careful, don't try riding the storm!

Family surfing.

*Florida Keys  Center. Mile Marker 74.5 Scenic Highway, Islamorada, Florida keys. (305) 664-9404. (877) 453-9463. E-Mail (lessons on, sailing and other watersports, as well as equipment rentals.


*Sailboards Miami, on Key Biscayne (305) 892-8992. (for equipment rentals, events, tours and lessons on wind-surfing, kayak, paddle boarding and kiteboarding) E-mail


*SFWA-South Florida Association. (a none profit org dedicated to preserve the sport)


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