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The Watersports of South Florida and the Keys.

Watersports and recreational aquatic activities are a big part of the South Florida picture and live style, there is no way that you can pass by here without noticing the realm of activities related to the sea.

Further in the same manner there are a large number of these sports to choose from because South Florida is the perfect place for all kinds of salt water activities.

Further in the same manner there are a large number of these sports to choose from because South Florida is the perfect place for all kinds of salt water activities.

In fact a great number of the people who visits us are water sports fans or practitioners. And any other will show some interests at one time or another once they are here for vacation, a short visit or permanently residing in the "Sunshine State" or Florida.

So now let’s take closer look at those water sports.

Boating & Sailing

The two mast schooner America 2.0 sailing out of the Key West. Harbour.

*Boating & Sailing-Boating and sailing are considered more of a recreational activity in Florida but don't forget the professional regattas and speed power boats sport competitions.

Our boating interest could range from the small flat fishing boat, skiff to the sophisticated super yachts, speed boats, and the smooth navigating sail boats and schooners.

The International Boat Shows showcase the latest boat styles and models.

Tips for boating in the Florida keys.

Recreational and sport fishing

Recreational fishing from boat.

*Recreational and sport fishing-Top 10 activity in the Florida Keys-People are fishing almost everywhere there is a body of salt water in South Florida these days.

Besides, fish is so abundant in these tropical waters of the Straits of Florida that the chances of coming back empty handed from a fishing trip are very slim.

The reputation of the Florida Keys for its fishing is worldly and who does not know about the Islamorada's reputation as the Fishing Capital of the World?

Scuba Diving, snorkeling and spear fishing

Scuba divers exploring the coral reefs.

*Scuba Diving, snorkeling and spear fishing-Another top 10 activity in the Florida keys- These are the sports in which you go inn or under the water with the purpose of exploring, observing or catching fish at their natural habitat.

The coral reefs and the abundance of aquatic life are the main attractions for divers in the Florida Keys.

The exploration of coral reefs and ship wrecks are the main areas of interest for divers.  Deep water dives are good for experience scuba divers, but on the other hand snorkeling is easy and it can be done with little training by adults and children alike.

Jet skiing

A group of jet skiers in Key West.

*Jet skiing-It was Kawasaki the famous Japanese motorcycle manufacturer who first came up with this sophisticated personal water craft in the early 1970's and soon after it became one of the most popular motorized water recreational vehicles.

Some people call them "water bikes" just because to the resemblance to a motorcycle.

A jet ski is capable of reaching high speed across the water and can safely carry up to two persons.

Kayaking, canoeing and paddle boarding

A young couple returning from a canoe trip

*Kayaking, canoeing and paddle boarding-Paddling across on board of a kayak, canoe or paddle board is fun, going on exploring around the areas that are normally inaccessible to boats because of the larger size. Exploring mangrove trails, shallows, coves and other coastal features this way.

Kitesurfing or kiteboarding

Kiteboarding or kitesurfing on the beach

*Kitesurfing or kiteboarding- A combination of windsurfing and paragliding with some acrobatics has generated one of the most dynamic and extreme of watersports ever, called kite surfing or kite boarding, and is gaining more and more popularity in South Florida and the Keys. I think that it's the water sport of the new era but the original idea of using the power of the wind in a similar way goes back to the 1800's

The kite surfer or kite boarder makes use of the power generated by the wind to be propelled across the water in a board similar but smaller to a surfboard using a controllable power kite.

Kite boarding is hot stuff all over Florida and worldwide, and it's appearing in places where it had never been seen before.

Parasailing and windsurfing

Parasailing on the beach


 *Parasailing and windsurfing-These are other wind powered generated recreational activities that catches the attention of beach goers and water sports enthusiasts.

Parasailing also known as parascending is where the person is towed behind a boat while attached to a canopy "parasail wing"  that resembles a parachute, also parasailing is worldwide popular, but is more of a recreational activity than a watersport.

A wind surfer at full speed.


Windsurfing consists of the board 6" to 10" long and a sail powered by the wind, the sail then is connected to the board by a rotating joint. Skillful windsurfers can perform spins, jumps, loops and other acrobatics and free style moves.

So now you know that finding places to practice watersports in Florida and the Keys it's not a problem at all, and the main thing to remember is "safety", don't try to be a pro on one day!

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