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 More on the Beaches of South Florida.

Looking for Tropical Beaches? South Florida and the Florida Keys are located in the tropics or the subtropics and the beaches are in abundance here.

In fact most of the visitors from abroad visit our beaches at one time or another. Even when they travel here for business or by any other reason, the beaches are their final destination.

Long white sandy beach of Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park and the light house.

The Cape Florida Beach and Lighthouse, at the Bill Baggs State Park in Key Biscayne.

We have a wide variety of beaches to choose from.

From the wide sandy beaches of South Florida that attract large crowds of vacationists during the entire year, to the natural environmental beaches of the Florida Keys.

View of the beach at the Bahia Honda State Park in the Florida Keys.

Calusa Beach, at the Bahia Honda State Park in the Florida Keys.

What are the main characteristics of our tropical beaches?

Walking and parasaling in Miami Beach.
  • Plenty of sunshine and a warm weather. It's a known fact that the tropics are the refuge to seek shelter from the cold weather of the northern and southern hemispheres, and here the weather is normally on the warm side most of the time.
Families and children at Bahia Honda, the Florida Keys.
  • The colorful setting...Blue sky, azure waters, coconut, palm trees and other tropical vegetation and fauna so natural of the tropics. Being at the edge of what some call paradise is uplifting and somehow rejuvenating.
Crowd of spring breakers in Miami Beach.
  • The life style of the tropics is generally festive and joyous, a celebration of life as it is here. The costumes of the people regarding festivities, carnivals, parades, aquatic sports etc. varies with the country and the cultural influences.
Seabird of the tropical beaches.
  • The fauna of these tropical regions is different. You'll find plenty of colorful birds, lizards, turtles, some snakes and other amphibians like the crocodile.
  • Note.- Don't get too close to snakes and crocodiles, there are territorial species and could be harmful if disturbed.In some countries of the tropical region you'll find different animal species, get information regarding the behavior of these species.

Where are the tropics exactly?

The map of the world.

Map of the earth.

It’s this segment of the earth surrounding the Equator (the earth Equator practically divides the earth into the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere)

And the tropics are limited at the north by the Tropic of Capricorn-23*26' 16"N and to the south 23* 26' 16"S, the center of the Equator is at 0* 00' 00."

There are sections of the Americas, the Caribbean, Africa, Indonesia, Australia and Asia, all located in the region of the tropics.

Walking on a Caribbean tropical beach.

Tropical beaches are the ideal vacationing spot for everyone who is looking to escape the big city stress and agitation. And you can find nice beaches in any of these countries and regions mentioned above.

View of the beach at Key Biscayne and the city of Miami.

Beach of Key Biscayne, in Miami.

A little more about the Florida beaches.

They are mostly large sandy strips, with colorful settings, is easy to get here, since traveling in this side of the world had been made so simple and affordable.

What Is Your Favorite Beach Worldwide?

 Have A Great Story About This Topic? There is more than just a hand full of beaches in this world. The State of Florida along has more than 500 beautiful beaches to choose from! Great for spring breakers, campers, sun lovers,snorkelers, kayaking or just for walking your pet.So tell us! What is your favorite beach? Enter the Title of Your Beach Review (ex.-"Malibu Beach in California") Write to an send your story along with any pictures to us. We' l create a new page where your story will be linked to this page.

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