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       Parasailing in Florida.

Here in the South Florida beaches and shores parasailing, windsurfing, and kiteboarding are water related activities of recognition; one is practiced purely for recreation and enjoyment and the others for a more energetic form of recreational watersport, but the essential aspect of the activity is to experience a one of kind rush.

They all make a good use of the energy and forces that produce motion, in this case the wind and the speed of motion.

Parasailing in the beaches of Florida.

 About Parasailing.

 This activity has been around since the 1960's and it's reportedly the creation of parachute trainer Pierre Marcel Lemoigne, and created with the purpose of training traditional parachuters.

Parasailing or parascending as we know, it's a recreational activity common in our coastal areas and beaches; the person is towed behind a boat while attached to the canopy and parachute (parasail wing), and it will gain altitude as the boat navigates forward and gets speed. The ride is being totally control from the boat, from the very beginning until the end, is just a joy ride for recreation. It can be one, two, or three persons side by side at a time and at the same ride.

Parasailing ride high above the waves at the beach

There are other forms of parascending that are not done in the water. Parasail on land behind a vehicle is popular in some European countries where they have competitions in which the towing line is released after ascending to a certain altitude and the competitor has to land down into a target area.

Parasailing in Miami Beach.

Places to enjoy a memorable ride in Florida.

*Cocoa Beach Parasail-This one is near Port Canaveral, if you are anywhere closed to Orlando just take State Road 528 East, driver over I-95 heading toward the beaches. For information call (321) 212-8277.


*Parasail Miami Beach-If you are in Miami Beach, this guys will do the best for a memorable ride if you are in So Be Miami, and you can also take videos and photos. For information call. (305)266-4144.


*Key Largo Parasail-And in the Florida Keys the parascending adventures start in Key Largo. 103900 Overseas Highway, Key Largo. For information call. (305) 453-0440 (877) 904-8865.


*Purple Island Parasail, in Islamorada, Florida Keys-81801 Overseas Highway, Islamorada. For information call. (305) 517-4451.


*Parasail and Hang Gliding-83413 Overseas Highway, Islamorada. (888) 946-4735.


.*Hawks Cay Resort- in Marathon, Florida Keys. Choose from a variety of watersports. Contact Hawks Cay Resort. 61 Hawks Cay Boulevard, Duck Key (888) 395-5539. (855) 238-6951.


*Key West at-Fury Water Adventures. 2 Duval Street, Key West. (305) 294-8899 (877) 596-2201.

*Sunset Watersports in Key West. Taking off from two fantastic locations in Key West, Smathers Beach and Key West Bight. (305) 296-2554.



 Florida Watersports.

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