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Key West and I.

by R C Edawrds.
(Key West, Florida, USA.)

Key West on my own words!

Yes! I’ve decided to write my own story here. Perhaps this will get you motivated to share yours with us.

What’s the deal with this picturesque exotic island’s town at the southwest end of the Sunshine State?

This is a question that might have many variable answers, since Key West has a diverse overall appeal. It’s a tourist destination with a magic charm. People with diverse interest find something that arouse curiosity and that holds their attention here, whether it’s in the luxury of the lavish resorts or the intimacy of the old local guest houses, the local Caribbean influenced town’s art and architecture, the history of the wreckers and early developers of the "Conch Republic", the politicians, presidents and artists like Ernest Hemingway, Theodore Roosevelt and Jimmy Buffet whom stayed here for long ; the ghost stories, the endless festivity of Duval’s night clubs or the Sunset Celebration at the Mallory Square.

Back then during the 80’s as I remember Key West has this intriguing city populated by adventurers, artists, free spirit characters of all walks of life, exoticness and liberation was rampart, and I loved all this! I felt like if I was in a wonderland. South Florida then had this Miami Vice type of reputations since drugs where being smuggled here by who knows who and road blocks were deployed on highway US 1 going north into the city of Miami.

Staying at the Southernmost Guesthouse, near the Southernmost point of the continent was trilling, only 90 miles away from Cuba, and Cuba was my place of birth, so you can imagine how nostalgic this was, then I found out that the Cubans had been in this island for a long time. Mario Sanchez a famous local artist and the son of a Cuban cigar maker now became my favorite painter!

So in one day and riding a rented bicycle I’ve discovered the external aspect of the entire city. Later on the fallowing days I learned more on the secrets, the history, and the culture of the "Conch Republic"

Days later a couple of fishing trips to the Gulf of Mexico make me feel like Hemingway aboard of his fishing boat “Pilar” except that on these days on the mid 80’s my fishing experience was close to nothing and I had to get some lessons from the fishing boat captain to finally come up with a decent catch, and the trip only cost me about $50.

As a result of all this factors this towon later became my home, where I got married and later divorced, I bought a house that later sold to a Canadian tourist who I meet at Sloppy Joe's one evening.

I got into the seafood transportation business later before I moved back to South Miami for all the wrong reasons. Yes! I later came back here, since moving to the big city did not work for me, Miami is too fast and Key West is so mellow.

Peace and Love my friend!

RC Edwards.


The Southernmost Point is the most popular landmark in key West, Florida.Ther Southernmost Point.
Guest houses are a popular way of lodging in Key WestThe Southernmost Guest House.
Sunset sailing aboard of one of the Key West's historic schooners is very trendy due to the espectacular sunsets at this latitude. Schooner Appledore V of Sebago Co on this pic.Sailing at sunset.
This painting by famous Cuban born and later Key West resident Mario Sanchez portrais a group of Cuban inmigrants celebrating Carnaval on Duval Street by the San Carlos Institute.A Mario Sanchez painting.

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