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Welcome to Key Largo!

They call Key Largo, in the Upper Florida Keys the Diving Capital of the World for the coral reefs, beautiful, plentiful, and well preserved diving sites...But diving is not the only good thing in Key Largo!...What else is here that you might want to explore?

It's the first large island that we get to when driving south on US 1(the Over Seas Highway) from the main land... the big and sunny Florida peninsula.(only one hour drive from Miami)

It's a large chunk of territory, the largest of the Florida Keys, about 33 miles (53 km) long...Big territory with attractions for the always welcome visitors and locals alike.

The big sign at the entrance to Key Largo.

After driving for about one hour from South Miami we got to the town's business district. There we'll see the sign Welcome to Key Largo Florida .

It's been a little boring of a ride from Miami to here, but now is when the fun begins, because we are entering the fabulous Florida Keys territory. We could continue driving south to the rest of the Keys or stick around Cayo Largo (name given by the first Spanish settlers to this large island)

Upper Key Largo.

There is the area on the north side of the island, commonly known as Upper Key Largo, which is the the location of the Ocean Reef Club and Airport, residential areas( real estate), fishing clubs, the New Mahogany Hammock State Botanical Park, the Dagny Johnson Botanical State Park, and the Crocodile Lake National Wildlife Refuge.

The old card soud bridge in Upper Key Largo area. Welcome to Monroe County.

To get there you could take US 1 north to Hwy-905) from the Key Largo's main area and business district, or a more direct route coming from Miami is taking the Old Card Sound Road and toll Bridge. The Card Sound Bridge toll is only $1. Upper K Largo offers eco-tourist attractions at the botanical parks.

The center and main area of K Largo is where most of the commercial places are. (Hotels, resorts, restaurants, supermarkets, schools, boat sales and tourist oriented businesses along US-1.)

The entrance to the John Pennekamp State Park. (This important part of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary) is by the Mile Marker 105.2 in the main section of the island.

 Front of the visitor and information center of Key Largo, Florida
Key LArgo's Visitor Center and Chamber of Commerce.

The center and main area of K Largo is where most of the commercial places are. (Hotels, resorts, restaurants, supermarkets, schools, boat sales and tourist oriented businesses along US-1.)

The entrance to the John Pennekamp State Park. (This important part of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary) is by the Mile Marker 105.2 in the main section of the island.

The Visitor Center is always ready to help you, at 10600 Overseas Hwy. (305) 451-0657.

But what's here that could spark interest on the visitors and passerby to make them stay longer?

Find the Key Largo places of interest and attractions here. Are you hungry? check the local restaurants.

Key Largo Florida,the diving capital of the world!

 Diving in the coral reefs araes  of Key Largo.

The Key Largo Diving Experience.

This area of the coral archipelago is famous for its underwater sport activities "scuba diving & snorkeling"

Thanks to the Coral Reef Preservation Program this area has excellent diving sites for the divers to explore.

The National Marine Sanctuary, and the John Pennekamp State Park is here showing all its attractions and underwater glamour!

But diving is not the only thing that we can do while in this big island! It's just that the divers who adventured into this waters had talk so much about their experiences that the whole world wrongly thinks that nothing else can be done here...Wrong!

What else can we do here besides having the best of a diving experience?

Kayak and sail boats in the waters of the John Pennekamp Park in Key Largo, Florida

Kayak adventures in Key Largo.

All of the other activities so common on the Florida Keys are big time on the Big Key: Dolphin encounters, fishing charters, eco-tours, camping, visiting parks and beaches, family activities, boating, kayaking, paddle boarding, and more. Consider taking the Everglades tour where you can see the wild life, birds, alligators and manatees. Be an eco-tourist while you are here, take pics and bring home the memories!


 Inside of a kayak sales and rental shop in Key Largo, Florida

Florida Bay Outfitters. 104050 Overseas Highway. A great place to get a kayak!

You can shop around on the business district at the many shops for deals on all type of adventure seekers equipment and vessels, boats, kayaks or diving equipment. You can rent or buy a kayak, boat, paddle board or a canoe at any other local rental places for this kind of activity.

 The Court Marriott Hotel next to the Key Largo Resorts Marina.

The Courtyard Marriott Hotel at the "Key Largo Resorts Marina".  Mile Marker 100 Overseas Highway,Key Largo. At this marina you'll find the Holiday Inn Hotel, the Marina Del Mar Resort, Coconuts Club,the African Queen (the boat used in the movie) Diving, fishing, and boat rides.

Find hotels in Key Largo and get discounts when you reserve in advance.

You'll find in the business center district of Key Largo Florida, hotels, marinas, shopping, best restaurants, and fishing charters.
About the fishing charters in Key Largo.

Swimming with a dolphin, in the pool of the Dolphin Cove in Key Largo, Florida.

Try swimming with dolphins at the DolphinCove.

For the children and families there are plenty of places of interest in Key Largo. I think that Florida Keys is the most family oriented territory in the entire world! 

We all love our K Largo adventures, families ,children, young or old, come here to have a great time on this magnificent outgate to wonderland! Read more about the Florida Keys family vacations.


Snorkeling charter from the John Pennekamp State Park, snorkelers going to a dive site in Key Largo.

This is just an introduction to the magic of Key Largo Florida for those of you whom might be searching for a great getaway and an out of the ordinary and exiting experience!

Welcome to Key Largo...The first of the Florida Keys!

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