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The Florida Keys Map.

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Using Google Maps.

Use the Florida Keys map to find your way around this vast territory. It's easy to use!

The map allows you to scroll from one area to the other by just dragging the image, up, down, left or right. You can also get a closer view of the areas with the + or the - buttons on the left corner of the map. You also have four views of the map.

  • Map (shows the street map)
  • Sat (shows the satellite Image)
  • Ter (shows the streets with terrain)
  • Earth (shows a 3 D image)

Also print the map and take it on the road with you. It provides high resolution satellite or aerial views of the terrain. Google maps can be use on mobile devices and tablets.

Clicking on the directions link located inside of the white square box in the middle of the map or that appear after clicking in the red circle with the "A" over Key West it will take you to a new page that displays a larger view of the map, you can find directions to locations, hotels, restaurants, and other tourist attractions here. On this window you can also see pictures and images of such places.

Clicking on search nearby will take you to a search box where you can type the name of a place and get a closer map view of the location, addresses, pictures, reviews and general information, ex.-Shipwreck Museum, Key West.

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Map of South Florida.

Driving along the Florida Keys.

The Florida Keys main route is Highway US 1, Over Seas Highway or Scenic Highway.

This is the main route to take to any area of the Keys but to reach certain areas you'll have to depart from US1, that's when using a road map will help you.

You can also ask for directions at the Tourist Information Centers along the way. There are plenty of these centers on this areas along the highway.

Florida Keys road map and driving direction.

Driving in Key West.

Key West is the most complicated area of the Florida Keys where you will need to use a map to find locations, but it's not a complicated city to drive through.

A good thing to do before you get to the city is to write down on paper the route that you are planning on taking...the street names, the turns, etc... from the road map and fallow along as you go.

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I hope that these instructions will help you get to your destination without any delays or hustles!

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