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Fishing on the Bridges of the Florida Keys.

The bridges of the Florida Keys are a good place for fishing!

by Richard Morales
(South Miami, Florida)

Lost of people come to some of these bridges to fish, so in the early morning is the best time to be here.My favorite bridge spot!

If you think that catching good fish under the bridges or from the bridges of the Keys of Florida is a waste of time. You’re wrong my friend! Here are some of the best good spots on the Keys.
What you need to know is what to do and what are the best sports where the fish swims eats and gets caught. I am not reveling all of my secrets in this writing but I will give you an idea of what is in this shallows, under the bridges.
My wife Maria and I have been angling here for years now, no need to go out to open seas to catch a good fish. In the shallows and the bridges is plenty of catch! I would recommend it to anyone. If you don't see a sign “No f*****g from the Bridge" it’s a good place to cast.
Good places are beneath the spans and pilings of the bridge and some bridges provide good access for shore casting, and others are best from a boat, kayak or raft. Throw anchor so you're not too far but not too close to the bridge and so you have room to work front, back and both sides of the pilings. Keep in mind that the currents under the bridges could be strong at times so you might have to maneuver around a bit for position.
Our highlights included catching mangrove snappers, up to 6 pounds heavy, using a jig-and-bait combo that works for snappers very well.
I can almost guaranty you that you will come home with a good fish or two if you are patient and take your time.
I wish you a great bridge catch. Success!
Hasta la Vista Amigo!


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The bridges of Islamorada and Marathon
by: Raf Edwards

Some good locations that I know for fishing Permit or Snapper, under the bridges by boat are in Islamorada pass Matecombe Harbor MM-73, and the Long Key Channel, or under the Old Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail, some people fish from the bridges at this location but I don't know now whether it's permitted to fish from the bridge or not. I had also tried under the sections of the Old Seven past Pigeon Key southwest.

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