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Florida Keys Family Vacations.

Tips and ideas that you might need for a fun packed family adventure!

It seems like family vacations now a day are in vogue, or have become more popular that Halloween and Santa! The Florida Keys was voted as the "Family Destination of the Year" by the "NewYork Times Travel Reviews Section"...and it's becoming more popular very fast.

More and more people are finding out that the Florida Keys are a family friendly territory where they can free their inner souls and stretch parents and child relationships.

Everywhere I go, I see children and families having a good time together, doing something exiting, and different all the time.

I see snorkelers, divers, fishing experts, and other adventurers of very young age with mam and dad participating on activities that they possibly might not find at home.

More and more people are finding out that the Florida Keys are a family friendly territory where they can free their inner souls and stretch parents and child relationships.

Everywhere I go, I see children and families having a good time together, doing something exiting, and different all the time.

I see snorkelers, divers, fishing experts, and other adventurers of very young age with mam and dad participating on activities that they possibly might not find at home.

In the Florida Keys the family vacations activities varies depending on the location and interest of the group...But don't worry there is plenty to choose from.

A child and his mother at the beach during their family vacation.

The few beaches of the Florida Keys with its natural set up and ecological environment are very attractive to children. They enjoy the interaction of the fauna...birds, fish, etc with their vacation time. Love the activities, snorkeling, kayaking, fishing, and others so common on the Keys.

Families reunions at the John Pennekamp State Park during a family vacation.

Family group travel is fun! When the whole family gets on the road the moments expended together become more intense, narrowing the generation gap. Old and young become one happy family!

A family visiting the Ernest Hemingway House in Key West during their  family vacation.

Visiting museums and historic sites had been rated as one of the visitor's top priorities. The Fl Keys are a history packed region with educative interests for all.

The house of the famous American writer and novelist Ernest Hemingway in Key West is a vivid example.

Families walk in the streets of Key West with babies in strolers during their family vacation.

It's a family friendly territory all around you. Age does not matter in this part of the world. The older rejuvenate and the younger matures faster.

A family at the John Pennekamp State Parks picnik area.

Sharing moments, having experiences, doing exiting things together, is what is all about it. It's a time well expended in the company of your love ones.

This will give you an idea of what's for you and the crew.

What's more convenient for future family vacations in the Florida Keys?

Family and children attractions in Key Largo...

  • In the area of Key Largo we have the John Pennekamp State Park and coral reefs to explore the under waters, snorkeling, diving, or on board of a glass bottom boat. Kayaking, beach time, camping, bicycling and picnicking are also good activities at the park. 102601 Overseas Highway. Key Largo. Fl. (305) 451-6300.
  • At the Dolphin Cove we swim with trained dolphins as well as learning a great deal about this lovely creatures of the sea. 101900 Overseas Highway. Key Largo. Fl . (305) 451-4060.
  • The Jacobs Aquatic Center is a heaven for children with swimming activities, learning and fitness programs. Open seven days a week. 320 Laguna Avenue. Key Largo. Fl.(305) 453-SWIM.
  • For more information call or visit the Key Largo Chamber of Commerce. 106000 Overseas Highway, Key Largo, Fl.(1-800) 822-1088.

Consider Key Largo a family vacations play ground for every one! What's in Key largo?

Family attractions of Islamorada...

  • The Theater of the Sea is great...see the trained dolphins, sea lions and parrot shows, get in the beach surrounded by colorful tropical fish and see the iguanas and other creatures. 84721 Overseas Highway, Islamorada. Fl.(305) 664-2431.
  • Robbie's Marina has become a favorite place to visit here. You can hand feed the abundant Tarpon,( this big fish is abundant at the marina and children love to feed and see the Tarpon jumping out of the water for the food). Kayak rentals, fishing charter and more at...77522 B. Overseas Highway. Islamorada. Fl. (305) 664-8070.
  • Islamorada's group charter fishing trips, eco-tours, sightseeing tours and other activities are excellent for the family. Call the Islamorada's Visitor Information Center...(305) 664-4503 or (800) FAB-KEYS.

The Fishing Capital of the World is not doubts a family vacations spot to visit when you'll come here!

Family attraction in Marathon Key...

Right in between Islamorada and Marathon Key is the area of Tavernier, with two interesting places for families and children.

  • The Florida Keys Wild Bird Center (The Laura Quinn Wild Bird Sanctuary-rescue, rehab, and release) 93600 Overseas Highway, Tavernier, Fl. 305) 852-4486.
  • The Harry Harris Beach and Park.(nice small beach and children recreational park) 186 Key Heights Drive, Tavernier, Fl. 33070.(305) 852-7161.

In the middle of Marathon Key you'll find excellent family oriented places.

  • Sombrero Beach, this nice sandy beach has plenty of room for everyone, balleyball court and children playground. Located at the very end of Sombrero Beach Road. Marathon Key, Fl. (305) 743-0033.
  • Crane Point Museum, Nature Center and Historic Site. Very educational, with nature trails, the Florida Keys history and Museum of Nature and the Wild Bird Center are here. 5550 Overseas Highway, Marathon, Fl. (305) 732-9100.
  • The Dolphin Research Center. Swim with the dolphins and experience a fantastic family adventure while in Marathon Key. 58901 Overseas Highway, Marathon Key, Fl. (305) 298-1121.
  • Pigeon Key. This little island next to Marathon Key is a historical site, being preserved by the Pigeon Key Foundation. This is the place where Henry Flagler established his base camp of operation while the construction of the railroad bridge, a very important event on the history of the Florida Keys. Get there either by taking the old seven mile bridge on foot or bicycling, or by taking the Pigeon Key ferry service. For more information call. (305) 289-1065.

Best family vacations on a family oriented location!Marathon in the Heart of the Florida Keys.

Family attractions at Big Pine and the Lower Keys.

  • Big Pine and the Lower Keys are an eco-tourism oriented territory; the wild life can be observed from many different points here. The National Key Deer Refuge on the Lower Keys areas is the home of the Key Deer, and other protected species of animal like the Great White Heron (big white bird) National Key Deer Refuge. 28950 Watson Boulevard. Big Pine Key, Fl. (305) 872-2239
  • The Bahia Honda State Park and Beaches are a great place to be visited by families. Snorkeling on the beach, kayaking, camping and other activities are common here. On Mile Marker 37, Bahia Honda Key, Fl (305) 872-3210.
  • At the nearby Looe Key National Marine Sanctuary you have some of the best diving and snorkeling sites on the Florida Keys.

A good place for eco-tourism and family vacations in a natural environment! Big Pine Key's Attractions.

The family attractions of the fabulous Key West.

There is plenty to do and to see in Key West!...but the best of Key west are the places of interest around the city.

  • This was the first town in the Florida Keys, so historic sites and museums are scattered all over the city. Also prominent people of the American culture and politics made Key West their residence and living quarters. Key West Art And Historical Society.281 Front Street, Key West, Fl. (305) 295-6616.(group tours, educational programs and information are provided to interested parties)
  • Besides being historical and educative this city have other attractions worth taking time to visit.
  • Mallory Square is this particular location where celebrations take place and places of interest are grouped together all in the same area. When you walk around here you get a feeling of freedom and amusement...street entertainers, the Aquarium, the Art Museum and the Museum of Wrecking, restaurants and other attractions are here. 1 White Head Street, Key West, Fl. (305) 294-2587.
  • Key West has some nice beaches on the south side of the island. Also aquatic activities and sports take place, snorkeling, parasailing, jetski, boat rentals, etc. You can check information with...Sunset Water Sports. (305) 296-2554. Or check with the City's Information Center. (305) 294-2587.

Consider Key West a hot spot for family vacations and a great time! The Attractions of Conch Republic.

Beautiful baby gild and parents.

You'll see some very happy faces here!...After all this Florida Keys family vacations are for everyone...Right?


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